Bulk SMS Service in India for an Online Business

Target audience for your online business

Bulk SMS Service in India for an Online Business

If you run an online business in India, you may find that you benefit a lot more from sending bulk emails as opposed to bulk SMS. However, our company works with a plethora of different online-only companies in India which use bulk SMS marketing. Let us tell you how you can make this a success.

Target Your Messages

This is probably the most important thing for you to do. You need to make sure that your SMS messages are going to the right people. If you are an online company in India, then chances are that you offer a very select group of products. There is no sense in sending an SMS to a person that is not interested in what you are offering. It is a waste of money (yes, we know that bulk SMS marketing is cheap to send, but it is still a pointless expense!)

We recommend that you work with an experienced SMS marketing company that will allow you to plan your SMS messages properly. They likely already have a list of people that may be interested in the product that you offer through your website. You can also provide them with phone numbers that you have gathered from people on your own.

By targeting your messages to the right people, we promise you that you will likely end up making a whole lot more money from your bulk SMS service adventures!

Know what to say

There is not a lot of text available in your SMS message. Just a few characters. This means that you are not going to want to drone on and on, filling up the SMS message with a ton of information that the person is not going to care about. We suggest that you keep your messages short.

The companies that tend to benefit the most from a Bulk SMS Service in India are those that send out promotional SMS messages. We can guarantee you that if you send out a promotional message with a discount code in it for your website, you will end up doing an astonishing amount of business! People love discount codes!

When should you send?

This is going to be dependent on who you are targeting. People are going to be checking their phones instantly. However, most people will not check their phones at work. We recommend that you send out your message in the evening if you are targeting the consumer market. This way people will be able to act on what you send them right away and they are unlikely to forget about it. Obviously, if you are targeting the business customer then it is going to be far, far better for you to send that message during the working hours. This way they will be act on it then too.

Never send an SMS in the middle of the night. The last thing you want is to wake people up. We can’t imagine that this is going to be good for your brand!

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