Bulk Email Service

Send Promotional and Transactional Bulk Emails

Bulk Email Service

Email Marketing is very popular and hottest marketing thing now a days. People use email marketing to reach millions of potential clients. You can market your products or services to you subscribers or potential users. We provide Bulk Email services for Transactional and Marketing purpose.We have the best infrastructure for email marketing. We have multiple servers with high end utility softwares for email marketing. You can send emails world wide with very cost effective pricing. You can send emails using our online portal which is very easy to manage.

There is no limitation for sending emails per day. The process is simple, Upload Contacts – Create Campaign – Send Emails – Check reports. We provide full report for each sent email like opens, click-through, Bounces, Complaints everything will be at your fingertip in your panel. You can create and save email campaigns / templates as well.

Bulk Email Marketing Service Features

Bulk Email Service

    • 100% Web panel. No software to download
    • Option to Send from your own domain
    • Get replies to your own inbox
    • Create unlimited email groups
    • Send using HTTP API
    • Create and Save email campaigns
    • No problem with ISP port blocking.
    • Monitor your sender reputation online
    • No Setup Fee, Flat Email Credits Charges
    • 100% Inbox Delivery
    • Upload contacts from CSV, TXT files
    • Use multiple sender domains for different lists
    • Fast email delivery
    • Transactional and Marketing Routes
    • Inbuilt unsubscribe button
    • Online Payment system
    • Send emails from anywhere in the world
    • Send emails in Any Language
    • Powerful Reporting
    • Phone, Chat, Email support

Types of Bulk Email Service

Promotional Bulk Email

These are the emails using which you can send emails which contains promotional materials. You can promote your products, services, website etc using promotional email marketing to your subscribers. You can send emails to millions with single click.


  • Send emails about your company, products, services to single opted contacts.
  • No documentation needed.
  • There is no email address verification needed.
  • You can get potential clients fast.
  • Cheapest marketing option.
  • Send and relax. No hardwork


  • You can not send emails to purchased list.
  • You can not promote illegal or banned products.
  • Bit slower compared to transactional emails.
  • Need to maintain sender reputation.


  • Any Service providers
  • For Online product selling
  • E-commerce business
  • Hotels & Restaurants – Billing – Booking.
  • Banking and Financial Institutions – Important dates – Payment details.
  • Educational Institutions – Exam Results – Attendance – Fees details – Announcements.
  • Event / product launch promotions.
  • TV / Radio Media – Shows Promotion – Polls – Contests.
  • Insurance Agents – Payments EMI details.
  • Courier Services – Tracking Status – Locator.
  • Stock Broking Firms – Sen-sex Points – Recent IPOs.
  • Event Management Companies – Promotions.
  • Automotive Sector – Vehicle Service Notifications – Billing – Alerts.
  • Media and Entertainment Group.
  • Retail sector/ Distribution agencies.
  • Marketing Agencies.
  • Consumer Durable Sellers.

Transactional Bulk Email

Transactional Emails can be sent to the opted subscribers via web form or websites owned by you. These emails are completely double optin emails. Receivers who opted to receive emails should only be sent emails. These emails are generally used for groups, companies etc who are willing to circulate some message to their users/employees.


  • Guaranteed Inbox
  • Instant Delivery
  • Very High reputation
  • No Complaints so no need to maintain reputation
  • Send with your own domain


  • Can be sent to double optin contacts only.
  • We may check your email list and ask for the source.
  • Spam complaint will terminate account immediately.
  • All the sent emails will be monitored.


  • Registered Companies
  • Registered Banks & Financial Institution
  • Insurance Company
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Registered Education Institutes
  • Airlines & Railway (Only for sending ticket & PNR details to passengers)
  • Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers)
  • E-Commerce website sending response to E commerce transactions made by their customers

Bulk Email Prices

QuantityValidityChargeTotal AmountPay Now
10,0001 Year5 Paisa/SMS5,00 Rs.
25,0001 Year4.5 Paisa/SMS1125 Rs.
50,0001 Year4 Paisa/SMS2,000 Rs.
1,00,0001 Year3.5 Paisa/SMS3500 Rs.
5,00,0001 Year2.5 Paisa/SMS12,500 Rs.

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