Short Code Service

Only 5 Digit Number to Generate Leads

Short Code Service India

We provide Short Code service which is 5 digit number provided to clients with dedicated keyword, which can be used to receive incoming response from the sender and to send them pre-defined response to the sender.

Short Code Service Features

Short Code Service

    • 100% Web panel. No software to download
    • Manage leads from web interface
    • Export Leads (incoming messages) in CSV
    • Leads are called opted leads
    • You can send Mass messages to those contacts
    • Give opt out option
    • Pre-defined auto response
    • Very much targeted leads
    • Dedicated Keyword(s)
    • Look Professional with such features
    • Instant report generation
    • 5 Digit Number
    • Reseller options
    • Phone, Chat, Email support

Types of Short Code Service

Shared Short Code Service

In this service, You get a 5 digit short code which is being shared by multiple users but you get dedicated KEYWORD(s) with this service.You can put or share the number and keyword using many marketing methods to generate leads.


  • Only 5 Digits so easy to remember
  • Dedicated Keyword(s)
  • Create Unlimited SUB-KEYWORDS
  • More professional looking service


  • Short Code is costlier than Long code service
  • Can not get dedicated Short code number
  • SMS Charges are higher to the sender ( depends on user’s network )


  • Any Service providers
  • For Product Marketing Lead Generation
  • New Product sampling promotion
  • As Group – Circle Opting service
  • User subscription service
  • Banking System
  • Financial Institutes
  • College or educational Institues
  • Retail sector/ Distribution agencies.
  • Marketing Agencies.

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